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Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint

Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint

Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint


A single component chlorinated rubber swimming pool paint.

Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint uses:

A single component, fast drying swimming pool paint for use in fresh and salt water, in pools or fountains, new or old.

It adheres well to concrete, fibreglass, marbelite plaster, gunnite, cement plaster and surfaces which have been previously coated with chlorinated rubber paint systems and provides a tough, flexible coating that is resistant to the normal abrasion of pool use and maintenance.

Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint/coatings is resistant to pool chemicals, salts and dilute acids.

There is no need to prime existing surfaces.

Being a one component product, it is extremely easy for DIY work or inexperienced applicators while at the same time rendering outstanding results and performance properties.

Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint

Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint

Ensure than the pool painting guide is followed for preparation and application. Failure to follow instructions could result in coatings failure.

Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint Characteristics 

Good resistance to fading, chalking or UV

Good resistance to algae formation and easily cleanable

Good resistance to mineral acids and alkalis

Single pack – can be applied by brush, roller or spray

Exhibits good flexibility and weather ability

Minimum preparation required for over-coating due to “melt-in” characteristics which allows for easy re-application when maintenance is required.


Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint Colour Swatch

Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint Colour Swatch









Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Coating Characteristics 

Do not apply this coating over any epoxy based or water based pool paints.
All pool paint should only be applied over the same type of paint which is currently on the pool. To test for the type of coating on the pool, wipe on some Solvent Alcohol and Xylol in an inconspicuous area. If the coating softens under the alcohol, it is probably a water based coating. If the coating softens under Xylol it is probably a chlorinated rubber. If there is no softening it is more than likely an epoxy.
Do not paint in direct sunlight
Painting a very hot surface in direct sunlight will cause blistering and pinholes due to a rapid evaporation of the solvents in the paint. For best results, paint when the sun’s rays are very low, apply in the shade or very early in the day when the sun is rising.
Do not paint if rain is expected within 4-6 hours.
Dampness, rain and excessive humidity will retard the painting curing time required before filling the pool
Do not use muriatic acid on any painted surface
Muriatic acid should only be used if necessary on bare masonry to get a slight profile prior to painting.
Prepare painted surfaces adequately.
Proper surface preparation is critical to obtaining a satisfactory paint job. There are no shortcuts, even if the pool has been sandblasted, it will be necessary to follow the cleaning instructions recommendations.
Do not apply heavy coats of paint
This will cause blisters, chalking, peeling and other premature failures.
Do not fill pool before paint has cured
Provide fans and power ventilation while drying. Allow paint to dry for a minimum of 7 days after final coat was applied, before filling pool. For indoors pools, allow 14 days drying time before filling the pool.
Ventilate and used forced air, fans or blowers, to move static air and remove solvent vapours that will collect in low lying areas. Be sure to direct at least one fan down into the pool as well as across for complete circulation. Solvent vapours are heavier than air and will collect in the pool area and prevent proper curing of the pool coating. This will lead to premature failure.

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