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Midas Earthcote Paints Tygervalley


Sean and I, we’ve always known paint. Our earliest memories revolve around it, … the smell of it, the feel of it, the endless rainbow when we close our eyes.

From school afternoons spent in our father’s garage as we mixed paints, our first job learning the secrets of the trade to the unbelievably proud day we opened the doors of our own paint store for the very first time … and carried on our family tradition.

Our father, his father before him, … this is our lineage liberally splashed with paint. Midas Paints is more than just the continuation of our family tradition. It runs far deeper. It is a passion… one that has been nurtured and mastered through three generations, drawn the respect of an exacting paint industry and lovingly been shared with our customers who have, through the years become our friends.

So from sharing secrets about which paint will last longest or creating a special shade just for you, to dropping by to lend a hand with your planning and renovations, nothing is too much effort because here at Midas Paints we’re committed to two things – our craft, and sharing it with you.

So come along and see our new Paint Shop, Midas Paints Tygervalley,
64-70 Edward Street Tygervalley, Bo Oakdale, 7530:
021 910 0134.
Paint Shop Cape Town
Google Code 4J8P+H2 Bellville, Cape Town
-33.883575, 18.635055

We have great prices and the best service in Cape Town all while you enjoy a fresh brew of Earth Coffee.

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Midas Paints Tygervalley

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