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Shereen Gordon: Midas Paints Strand Somerset West.

“We believe it is no longer good enough to simply sell goods and services, we retail meaningful experiences through colour – an emotion that can bring joy into your home or business.”

Shereen Gordon Midas Paints Strand Somerset West
Shereen Gordon Midas Paints Strand Somerset West
Shereen Gordon Midas Paints Strand Somerset West
Midas Paints Strand Somerset West

It all starts with our staff, our most valuable assets – the most important aspect of my day is a check-in with each and every staff member; every morning starts with a reminder that how we feel and what we do sets the tone for the rest of the day. Our staff are treated as part of our extended family; they are the backbone of our business and therefore staff well-being is essential for creating a net positive environment for all those who come through our doors. We are all one extended family here – staff and customers alike – united by the shared experience of human interactions and feelings all working together to create positive experiences through meaningful connections.
After all, it all begins with us! When our team is in good spirits, our customers are too!

We create net positive experiences through meaningful connections.

Our collective happiness and enthusiasm is what creates a positive environment for both staff and customers alike- it should be about meaningful experiences rather than simply “working”. We encourage everyone to love their work – life is too short for anything else and that means changing how we think of the word “work” – We want every person to love coming to work – after all, many of us spend most of our adult lives working and that is why we strive to create meaningful moments throughout each shift. We prioritize taking ownership of all impacts this company has on its surrounding community by creating a net positive effect—even if someone leaves without buying anything, they still have a good experience here! Our goal is to make sure people feel welcome and relaxed when they enter the shop, leaving fear and stress at the door. To ensure this happens, our strategy includes avoiding negative conversations or news while focusing on what’s within everyone’s control.

“We emphasize Empowerment at Midas Paints – if you love your job, then the day-to-day becomes something more than just ‘work”.

We don’t just sell paints at Midas Paints Strand Somerset West; we provide colours that empower customers by helping them find joy in everyday life moments. It may sound trivial but those small moments can have a powerful impact on people’s overall happiness! Colour simply doesn’t just come off the shelf – it comes alive in the form of stories, connections and emotions when shared between individuals.
The pandemic changed up what “normal” looks like, many people now seek meaningful and purposeful experiences beyond simply buying goods or services. Our strategy during this pandemic involves delivering net positive experiences even when customers come into our store without any intention of purchasing anything – making sure they still leave feeling happy and fulfilled regardless. Each employee should take ownership of any net impact or consequence they have on our clients.

Take ownership of all impacts and consequences.

It’s all about creating positive interactions between ourselves, our staff and our customers with every visit to the store. Even during these unprecedented times when people feel uncertain or overwhelmed by the news, there should always be something comforting about visiting Midas Paints Strand Somerset. To help ensure this happens, we’ve made sure that everyone feels empowered and comfortable here: no fear or stress allowed in the doorway! That’s why empowerment is key – when we love what we do and how it makes us feel, it radiates out into the world. Wellbeing (Net Positive) colour creates mood and well-being

South African Business culture change.

We are here because we want to be here, we are staying, we are not going anywhere and we will make it work, resilience is what makes us South Africans! We cannot rely on the government and politicians, therefore it is up to us and individuals as well as businesses in South Africa to lead the change. Social raw sore healed by Net Positive Culture. It is our duty to uplift others. Employees must go further. Net Positive Culture is not a new marketing buzz word, it is a new way of sustainable meaningful business

Hilda says “attract positive with positive” 

Currently, South Africa is experiencing load-shedding, very high unemployment and not a day goes by without another government scandal. We have to see the silver lining as all around South Africa people are doing it for themselves, we are empowered. Those who have left have left and those who decided to stay are fighting for change making purposeful conscious decisions contributing to Net Positive Culture change. Government failure is an opportunity for people-led initiatives taking people’s needs into account. We are stepping in where the government has failed, providing emotional and social support such as businesses hiring trauma counsellors for staff wellness which translated to brand wellness. Business needs to change their culture and language where bottom line/shareholder returns are seen as short-sighted and not sustainable. A long-term holistic approach to business as a net positive effect on the culture, health, and environment.
Invest in staff wellness is in investing in your business.

Net Positive starts at home with you.
Never knock your opposition.
Don’t throw in the towel.
Be Positive.


Shereen Gordon: Midas Paints Strand Somerset West.

Shereen Gordon Midas Paints Strand Somerset West