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Midas Paints Tygervalley Spring Promotions

Midas Paints Tygervalley Spring Promotions Spring Sale Now On!

Midas Paints Tygervalley Spring Promotions. Spring Sale Now on!


Plascon Polvin Walls and Ceilings Acrylic 20L R849
For walls and ceilings. Interior & exterior use. Highly durable. Dries to smooth matt finish. Easy to clean.Uses: new primed cement plaster, concrete, porous brickwork & various types of building boards. May also be applied to suitably primed wood, metals, fibre-cement and gypsum plaster.
Features: Ceramic technology with enhanced durability. Smooth matt finish. High whiteness and hiding. Excellent spread ability. Low VOC and Lead Free.
Envirolite Midas Plaster Primer   20L R869.99
Economical, solvent-based styrene acrylic co-polymer designed to offer good alkali resistance and good penetration on most cementitious surfaces. Binds the surface to give a solid base for most decorative finishing coats.
Interior and exterior surfaces.
Envirolite Midas Fresco  20L  R1053.69
An environmentally friendly, textured acrylic coating that has subtle graded nuances with a matt, robust look that will not streak or mottle. Interior and exterior surfaces.
Plascon True Colour Fresh White                       20L R355
Economy acrylic PVA with fresh apple fragrance (lovely smell, we’re painting our house with it ) interior and exterior use.
Uses: interior and exterior walls. Use on suitably prepared new plaster, concrete, porous brickwork and various building boards.
Features: high hiding, smooth white finish, easy application. Apple Fragrance. Zero VOC
Plascon True Roof  20L  R699
Waterbased acrylic paint for all cementitious, fibre cement and galvanised roof. Smooth matt finish. Lasting colour.
Uses: new and previously painted roofs.
Can be used on prepared cladding, galvanised garage doors, gutters and downpipes.
Features: smooth matt finish. Superior acrylic waterbased emulsion. Durable. Weather resistant for long lasting protection.
Plascon Premium Plus Double Velvet Exterior Velvet Sheen  20L  R1720
Low odour, premium quality velvet sheen wall coating. Highly washable and stain resistant
Uses: new and old interior plastered walls, fibre-board, ceiling board, gypsum plaster, metal & wood. Interior use only
Features: Unique stain barrier. Silver protect technology complements the excellent washability. Works on all painted walls & ceilings, even damp and high humid areas. Low odour. Dries to hard, velvet sheen that can withstand repeated washing. Quick drying. Stain resistant. No lead.
Plascon Premium Plus Velvaglo Non-Drip. Waterbased. Interior/Exterior Satin Sheen  5L  R455
Premium quality satin finish non-drip water based enamel. Interior and exterior application.
Uses: decorative and protective finish on interior and exterior primed woodwork, cement plaster, concrete & metal surfaces. Ideal for furniture, doors and wall surfaces.
Features: aquaTough is a unique polyurethane acrylic hybrid that forms a resilient barrier that is UV, peel and flake resistant. Dries to satin finish. Washable, tough and mar resistant. Does not drip during brush application. No undercoat required on enamel surfaces sanded to matt finish. Low VOC and Odour. No added lead.
Plascon Premium Plus Wall and All Interior Low Sheen  20L  R1599
Extremely durable, pure acrylic, washable, low sheen. Superior weather-and dirt resistance
Uses: new & previously painted plaster, concrete, wood, building boards, suitably primed milds and galvanised steel and gypsum plaster
Features: Alkali & water resistant. Unique Dirt Barrier formulation. No added lead.
Plascon Premium Plus Velvaglo Non Drip Enamel Interior Satin Sheen 5L R549
Unique polyurethane enamel that cross-links to form a resilient protective barrier that is heat, steam, chip and stain resistant.
Uses: ideal for furniture, doors, wall surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. Decorative and protective finish for interior and exterior, primed woodwork, plaster or metal
Features: dries to attractive semi-gloss velvet finish that is completely washable, tough and resists marring. Does not drip during brush application. No undercoat necessary once the surface has been primed.
Plascon Premium Plus Cashmere Interior/Exterior Plush Matt   20L R1720
Low odour premium quality plush matt wall coating. Stain resistant & washable
Uses: Interior surfaces. Suitably primed plastered walls, fibre-board, ceiling board, gypsum plaster, metal, wood and unglazed brick.
Features: Triple bead technology that diffuses more light, hiding imperfections and forming a protective barrier. Absolute matt finish. Washable and stain resistant. Low odour, no added lead, quick drying, hard wearing finish.













Midas Paints Tygervalley Spring Promotions. Spring Sale Now on!


Midas Paints Tygervalley Spring Promotions

Midas Paints Tygervalley Spring Special