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Biophilic Design – Modern Space Design Trend.

South Africa is home to the some of the major natural masterpieces, and yet most of us seem to be spending most of our time inside. Whether at work or at home, we don’t have enough time or the flexibility to connect with nature. But what if there were a solution to this problem? What if we could bring the outdoors in? This is an interesting question to pose to an architect designing spaces, to a home owner creating their space and to us, paint specialists creating ‘green’ wall covering solutions. The answer is a new trend called Biophilia.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design


What is biophilia?

Biophilia stems from Greek words for Life(Bios) & Love(Philia) and literally means a love of life. First used by a psychologist Erich Fromm, he described it as “the passionate love of life and all that is alive”… whether in a person, a plant, an idea, or a social group. Focusing on natural materials, as well as fresh plants and flowers, brings us much closer to nature. Indoor biophilia helps us reconnect the indoor spaces with the benefits and positive feelings that nature brings us.

Biophilic Design in Architecture takes this concept a step further, working to create spaces that benefit the people who use them. Biophilia is an architectural framework that consciously includes organic patterns, nature into interiors and gives us the ability to reconnect and strengthen the human-nature connection we all yearn for. This is where we, at Midas Paints Tygervalley, share a common ground. We are synonymous with sustainability in our effort to continuously offer ‘green’ and non-toxic wall covering products to our followers. We pride ourselves with decades of knowledge when it comes to healthy, green and sustainable solutions for both residential homeowners and bigger architectural projects.

We’re seeing the trend toward biophilic design in so many places from large corporations to retail store design home interiors and public spaces like libraries and hospitals. In 2018, the push for increased wellness in the workplace continued to grow. From Amazon HQ’s 40,000 plants and mini rain forest to Samsung’s multiple “garden floors” in San Jose or the great green heart of the Xinhee Design Center. Employers, architects and interior designers strive to create better connections between workers and the outside environment.

“Natural light is just one of the many biophilic elements that have positive effects for retailers. Greenery is fast becoming one of the hottest design trends, and it’s a perfect fit for retail. Studies show that greenery enhances the visual quality of a retail environment. This has many of the same effects that lighting does: increased perception of quality, higher levels of receptiveness to prices, and a more positive shopping experience in general.” – KRISTINE DEMARIA of Terramai.

There is a noticeable increase in biophilic design in the past year alone. The number of projects enrolled in the worldwide WELL Building Standard crossed the 1,000 mark in early October 2018, growing by 38%. More business leaders, alongside commercial developers, believe in the impact that air, water, light, fitness, comfort, and other qualities have on workers/residents in a space.

Biophilic Design

What role does Biophilic Design paint play?

Midas Paints Tygervalley still continues to wave the healthy, odourless paint flag in the shadow of the new trend. In fact all brands should on some level embrace biophilia. Biophilic Design is here to stay. In the years ahead, designers and architects can appeal to the largest generation in today’s workforce with bold, fresh authentic South African natural colours. It is common knowledge that colour impacts on our mood. In our increasingly connected, cluttered world, interior designers can take an even fresher approach that is both invigorating and tranquil.

Midas Deep Forest Green 2GGB Biophilic Design

Midas Deep Forest Green 2GGB Biophilic Design


Look closely and intently at this colour….now close your eyes for just a second and imagine a calm, forest-like green colour. Something like our Midas Deep Forest Green 2GGB . The perfect companion for a Biophilic space.




“Colours can be read in many ways and operate in multiple contexts. Florid or functional. Classical or minimalist. Specific and obtuse. Darker, cooler shades of traditional colours like green evoke a fresh, modern and bold space with deep, classical roots. It’s pure millennial mindset; perfect for a generation that has embraced a digital-first lifestyle coupled with a heavy-dose of nostalgia.” (Alison Heape)

Paint manufacturers are increasingly inspired by biophilic design and foresee a lasting impact on homeowners and housing professionals. Paintsmiths’ new 2020 ‘Colours of Us’ colour range was inspired by the true authentic stories of South Africa, with a lot of influence from the fauna and flora of the beautiful country. The mood of ubuntu, community, and nature will prevail in this new ‘Zero VOC’ colour range available in store from May 2020.

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