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GX21 Graco Paint Sprayer unit

GX21 Graco Paint Sprayer

Graco GX21 Paint Sprayers.

The No 1 Airless Paint Sprayer used by Professional Painters World Wide.

The GX21 is robust and portable, manufactured to withstand years of daily use by the busy contractor and delivers the performance to handle the demands of daily painting for a wide range of exterior and interior jobs. The GX21 features a convenient, easy-to-carry frame allowing to spray paint directly out of the bucket, making it the ideal wall paint unit. It is outfitted with Graco’s ProXChange Pump Replacement System for fast on-the-job pump repair.

For professional Painters, Contractors and DIY, Graco has manufactured an awesome portable out-of-the-bucket paint sprayer specifically designed for efficiencies, productivity and durability. GX21 will spray solvent or water-based fine finish decorative coatings and also Graco GX21 Airless Paint Sprayer is compact and lightweight (13kg) perfect for residential use, out of the bucket spray painting as the suction hose goes straight in the can.

Transform Your Painting Experience

Upgrade to the Graco GX21 Paint Sprayers and take your painting projects to the next level. Experience the perfect combination of power, precision, and efficiency. Whether you’re a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, the GX21 will revolutionize your painting experience. Find out where to buy the Graco GX21 Paint Sprayers now!

Where can I buy Graco GX21 Paint Sprayers?

Midas Paints Tygervalley 021 910 0134
64-70 Edward Street, Tygervalley, Bo Oakdale, Cape Town, 7530.
4J8P+H2 Bellville, Cape Town

Midas Paints Strand Somerset West 021 851 0913
7 Henry Vos Cl, Asla Park, Cape Town, 7140
VVV4+R9 Strand, Cape Town

Midas Pains Paarl 021 879 5095
41 Main Rd, Paarl, Cape Town, 7646
6XM6+W9 Paarl

Graco GX21 Schematic

Graco GX21 Airless Sprayers

Performance and Durability for the GX21 Pro.

  1. ProXChange Pump Replacement System – Remove and replace the pump cartridge in four simple steps, no tools are needed.
  2. PushPrime – Assures fast priming every time by loosening a stuck inlet check valve in case of priming issues
  3. ProX Piston Pump – Patented power-piston pump for greater reliability and long life
  4. Adjustable Pressure Control – Allows spraying or rolling a wide range of coatings
  5. Protective Chrome-Plated Stand – Easy to carry and prevents damage while transporting
  6. InstaClean Filter – Added filtration to reduce tip clogging
  7. Flexible Clear Tubing – Easy to use clean, spray water or solvent-based finishes directly from 1 or 5-gallon containers.

Paint Sprayers Direct Immersion Design.

Draws paint directly from paint buckets

Convenient Drip Cup Eliminates the chances for paint drips



Graco GX21 Airless Sprayers spray paint directly out of the bucket

Graco GX21 Airless Sprayers spray paint directly out of the bucket



Graco GX21 Paint Sprayers Units Include:

SG3 Spray Gun
RAC X 515 SwitchTip and Guard
1/4 in x 50 ft (6.4 mm x 15 m) DuraFlex Hose


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