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Weep Hole Cover.

Weep Hole Cover by Midas Paints Tygervalley

Weep Hole Cover by Midas Paints Tygervalley

Description & Application of Weepholes.

Weep Hole Covers are injection molded plastic rectangular discs which are fully paintable. Weep Hole Covers are to be bonded over the weep holes with single-pack polyurethane, with the ridge sloping downwards and outwardly from the masonry wall.

Importance of Weephole Covers.

Weep Holes are the gaps left between some bricks in external masonry walls.


Weephole Covers serve two important purposes: 

Weep Hole Cover by Midas Paints Tygervalley

Weep Hole Cover by Midas Paints Tygervalley

Ventilation of the internal wall cavityWithout ventilation, mildew, dry rot and damp will reduce the life of the internal wall studs and other building materials within the cavity. Inadequate ventilation is the main cause of “Leaky House Syndrome”.

Drainage – Water that enters the cavity due to capillary action, condensation, damage, or accidental flooding needs to escape somewhere. In western and south-western areas of South Africa it is not unusual to see water flowing from the weep holes on the prevailing side of well-constructed houses after heavy rains and flooding.




The Problems with Weep Holes:

Weep Holes also provide access to the wall cavity for rodents and insects. Swarming bees and wasps love cavities. Field mice make a track through the weep holes looking for warmth. Snakes, cockroaches and spiders find refuge in the cavity. Downlights, extractor fans and holes for plumbing or electronics become the internal entry point for these unwelcome visitors. In desperation, many occupants resort to blocking weepholes with any number of materials such as silicon sealants, rolled up paper, plastic, scourer pads, steel wool.
Unfortunately, some manufactured Weep Hole Covers, guards and barriers have also been designed with holes too small to allow adequate ventilation. These ‘solutions’ obstruct airflow to the cavity setting up moisture problems.

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Where can I buy Weep Hole Covers?

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