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Painter’s Felt Drop Sheets:

Midas Paints Tygervalley is finding new ideas in the creation of an Environmentally Sustainable Painting Industry.

Painter's Felt Drop Sheets

Painter’s Felt Drop Sheets

We have taken a holistic approach to protecting the environment and saving water. Midas Paints as a company has taken the lead in developing products that are environmentally friendly, not only do we produce ZERO VOC paint, we also use a technology Glycol Free Tints produced by ICC. In line with our philosophy and environmental policies put in place, we went in search of a product that not only meet standards by using totally recycled material but exceeds any standard set and remains highly functional packed with features.

Midas Paints Tygervalley’s heavy duty top quality non-slip Painter’s Felt Drop Sheets are made exclusively from recycled material, our drop sheets are heavy-duty super absorbent, waterproof, non-slip and made from Recycled Non-woven 180 gram/sqm fleece fabric with a transparent anti-slip PE film base.

Painters and Home Renovators need a number of supplies in order to get the job done, and a high-quality drop cloth is just as important to a painter as a paintbrush or can of our paint. Drop sheets are placed over flooring, furniture and are designed to protect from paint splashes and splatters. Drop cloths come in a number of different materials, but Recycled Non-woven fleece fabric and plastic are two of the most popular choices.




What type of painters drop cloth will offer your valuables the most protection and is best for the environment?

Painter's Felt Drop Sheets

Painter’s Felt Drop Cloth


Professional Grade Heavy Duty Painters Drop Cloth is the type professional painters prefer. It absorbs paint drips, yet is leak resistant. Choose a drop cloth made of heavy-duty Recycled Non-woven 180 gram/sqm fleece fabric to absorb paint drops and stop paint getting into carpets, wood floors, glass or any other surface that is hard to clean after contact with paint.

Reusable Recycled Non-woven 180 gram/sqm fleece fabric drop sheets do not contribute to landfill because you keep re-using them for years.






Features of Painters Felt Drop Sheets:

Painter's Felt Drop Sheets

Painter’s Felt Drop Sheets

Eco-Friendly Recycled & Reusable
Medium Weight and easy to move around
Tough and Durable
Protect your floors and carpets against liquids and mechanical damage.
Absorbent surface, impermeable underside of Painters Felt Drop Sheets
Anti-slip bottom for a secure grip.

Their heavy duty recycled Non-woven 180 gram/sqm fleece fabric will help to keep clean surfaces free from paint spills and spatters, reducing clean up time.

Midas Paints Tygervalley Painters Felt can be used to wrap valuables especially antiques when moving home or for storage.


Sizing of Painters Felt Drop Sheets:

Our  painters drop sheets are 1 metre wide:
3m length Pre-pack
5m roll
10m roll
20m roll
50m roll

Where can I buy Painters Felt Drop Sheets in Cape Town?
Paint Shop Cape Town: 64-70 Edward Street, Tygervalley, Bo Oakdale, Cape Town, 7530.
Google Plus Code 4J8P+H2 Bellville, Cape Town
-33.883575, 18.635055

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