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 Terraco Handycoat Interior

Handycoat Interior – Interior ready-mixed leveller and filler.

A multi-purpose ready to use acrylic based filler that fills, joints and skims. Suitable for all types of interior surfaces including gypsum board and sand and cement render. It is specially designed for easy application, gives a high-quality finish achievable by the experienced applicator to the keen DIYer. A superior product!

Benefits of Handycoat Interior: 

Terraco Handycoat Interior

Terraco Handycoat Interior

Handycoat Interior offers many benefits compared to traditional gypsum based products:
Natural finish
Inherent flexibility
No need for primer or sealer
Low shrinkage
Vapour permeability
Higher adhesion
Two-year shelf life!
Double the coverage vs traditional jointing products
Less dust when sanding
Zero dust when wet sanding
Quick drying time
Environmentally friendly

Areas of use: 

Handycoat Interior is suitable for all types of old and new substrates.
Skimming walls and ceilings
Even in bathrooms
Repairing damages, cracks or nail holes
Making good around door and window architraves
Filling along the top of skirting boards
Can be used as part of conventional taping and jointing systems – A two-step taping process

Application of Handycoat Interior:

Apply a thinner layer for skimming applications
For jointing application as required
Quick drying – can be overcoated in 2 hours.
Comes in Trade sizes 5kg & 25kg.

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
Handycoat Interior Flyer
Handycoat Brochure

Terraco Handycoat® Exterior

Terraco-Handycoat® Exterior

Terraco Handycoat® Exterior

Handycoat Exterior

An exterior ready-mixed jointing and filling compound for cement fibre boards and masonry surfaces

Terraco Handycoat® EZ-Skim

Terraco-Handycoat® EZ-Skim

Terraco Handycoat® EZ-Skim

Handycoat EZ-Skim

Ready-mixed interior skimcoat for levelling interior masonry and gypsum board surfaces with enhanced skimming and sanding properties

Terraco Handycoat® Flex.


Terraco-Handycoat® Flex

Terraco Handycoat® Flex

Handycoat Flex

Handycoat Flex is a multi-purpose, acrylic crack repair filler, for interior and exterior use.