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Plascon Micatex



Plascon Micatex Waterbased Exterior Matt Finish:

Plascon Micatex is a Weathertough™ premium quality, extremely durable, UV-resistant water-based paint coating with a fine texture.

Weathertough™ a key ingredient in Micatex is UV resistant, protects exterior surfaces against harsh climatic conditions and improves water resistance.

Protection and weatherproofing of exterior wall surfaces; suitable for application to suitably primed cement plaster, concrete, brickwork, fibre- cement, breeze blocks, PVC gutters and down pipes.

Micatex Waterbased Exterior Matt Finish


Micatex Waterbased Exterior Matt Finish:

Appearance: Matt Finish
Application: Exterior
Spread Rate: 5 m2/ℓ
Packaging: 5 ℓ and 20 ℓ
Colours: White (BBO 300) and the standard colours as per colour card. Also available in a wide range of Plascon Inspired Colour. Tint bases: Pastel  (TMX 1050), Deep (TMX 2050) and Transparent (TMX 3050)

Guarantee: 12 year Guarantee

Plascon Micatex Uses.

To weatherproof and protect exterior wall surfaces.

Suitable for application to suitably primed cement plaster, concrete, brickwork, fibre-cement, breeze blocks, PVC gutters and down-pipes.

Plascon Micatex
  • Hero ingredient: Weathertough™
  • UV resistant – resists even the most severe sunlight conditions
  • Protects exterior surfaces against breakdown caused by harsh climatic conditions
  • Improves water resistance of walls thus preventing dampness on interior walls caused by driving rain
  • Reinforced with carefully graded aggregates of mica, mineral quartz and marble for long lasting protection durability and toughness
  • All colours have a high obliterating power and good light fastness
  • Effectively fills and bridges hairline cracks
  • Resists cracking and crazing associated with more brittle paint
  • Easy to apply and leaves at least twice the dried film thickness of conventional paints when used as recommended
  • No added lead
  • 12 year quality guarantee
Plascon Micatex Colours

Plascon Micatex Surface Preparation: 

Ensure that surfaces are dry, firm, free from dust, dirt, grease and oil before painting.

Cement plaster, concrete, breeze blocks, brick, and stone:
Ensure that concrete has dried for a minimum of least four weeks and other masonry surfaces two weeks before painting.
Remove any loose particles and laitance by most suitable means. Remove any oil, grease and mould release agents with AQUASOLV DEGREASER (GR 1). Rinse thoroughly.
Remove any loose particles by most suitable means. Apply 1 coat of PLASCON BONDING LIQUID (CVI 14).
Allow to dry for 16 hours.
Sand smooth with 150 grit paper working in the direction of the grain. Dust off. Seal knots and resinous areas with PLASCON KNOT SEAL (PK 2). Prime exterior wood with PLASCON WOOD PRIMER (UC 2).
Mild steel:
Degrease with PLASCON AQUASOLV DEGREASER (GR 1). Rinse thoroughly with water. Remove any rust by coarse sanding, mechanical wire brushing to a bright metal finish. Prime general surfaces the same day with METAL PRIMER (UC 501) or PLASCOSAFE 18 PRIMER (EMS 18).
Galvanised steel:
Clean with PLASCON GALVANISED IRON CLEANER (GIC 1) to achieve a water break-free surface. Rinse thoroughly with water. Prime the same day with PLASCON GALVANISED IRON PRIMER (GIP 1).
Prime with PLASTER PRIMER (UC 56).
PVC gutters and down pipes:
Clean and sand lightly. Prime with PLASCON MULTI-SURFACE PRIMER (WUP 1).
Previously painted surfaces in good condition:
Remove loose and flaking paint back to a sound substrate and a firm edge. Clean old paint with POLYCELL
SUGAR SOAP POWDER solution to remove all contaminants and chalked material. Rinse with clean water to
remove all traces of sugar soap. Spot prime bare areas with appropriate primer. Sand glossy enamel surfaces
to a matt finish.
Previously painted surfaces in poor condition :
Completely remove paint by most appropriate means. Wash thoroughly with POLYCELL SUGAR SOAP POWDER solution. Rinse with fresh water. Treat as for new work in point 1 above.
Chalky surfaces:
Remove completely by scrubbing with a POLYCELL SUGAR SOAP solution. Rinse with tap water and allow to dry. Apply PLASCON BONDING LIQUID (CVI 14) or PLASTER PRIMER (UC 56).
Fill all imperfections or raked out plaster cracks up to 4mm with POLYCELL MENDALL 90 or POLYCELL POLYFILLA EXTERIOR. Spot prime repaired areas with PLASTER PRIMER (UC 56). Use POLYCELL MENDALL 90 for wood defects.
• Complete cutting in first using a two coat application by brush or roller and then proceed to paint the entire
• Apply two or more coats to correctly primed surfaces to achieve complete obliteration.
• For optimum protection always apply at recommended spreading rate.
Cautions • Fills and bridges hairline cracks up to 0.08mm in width for a period of 5 years applied at 100 µm DFT
• N.B When applying tinted/standard colours to new masonry surfaces, prime first with the recommended
primer. White may be applied directly.
• Avoid painting during inclement weather or if temperature is below 10 °C.
• To ensure that colours on a project are consistent check that batch numbers and product codes are the same.

Laitance: an accumulation of fine particles on the surface of fresh concrete due to an upward movement of water (as when excessive mixing water is used)

Downloads for Plascon Micatex Waterbased Exterior Matt Finish:
Plascon Micatex safety Data Sheet 
Plascon Micatex Waterbased Exterior Matt Finish Technical Data Sheet

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