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Midas Envirolite Fibreflex Paint

Midas Envirolite Fibreflex

Midas Envirolite Fibreflex Paint is an environmentally friendly water based, durable and versatile acrylic, low maintenance, high-build acrylic weatherproofing decorative paint, incorporating inert fibres for superior bridging and flexibility with a slight sheen. Fibreflex does not require to be over-coated. Midas Envirolite Fibreflex paint conforms to GBCSA environmental requirements and EU 2010 targets.

  • Medium sheen finish
  • Brush or roller applied
  • High flexibility
  • Contains fibres for strength
  • Excellent bridging coating for hairline cracks
  • Excellent weatherproofing qualities
  • Ideal coating system for high-rise coastal buildings and areas with high pollution

Midas Envirolite Fibreflex environmentally friendly water based versatile acrylic weatherproofing decorative paint.

Midas Envirolite Fibreflex Paint Low VOC
Midas Envirolite Fibreflex weatherproofing decorative paint
Midas Envirolite Fibreflex environmentally friendly water based acrylic paint

Midas Envirolite Fibreflex weatherproofing Decorative Paint

COLOUR RANGE White and pastel colours.

SPECIAL NOTE: Colour can be tinted using Zero VOC, Glycol Free, APEO free, NPEO free, and Formaldehyde free strainers which do not add to the VOC of the product, unlike the standard tinters used within the paint industry.

RECOMMENDED FOR EXTERIOR surfaces. Used as a finishing coat for tops of exposed plastered walls, window sills, small ledges and tops of plaster mouldings, as well as exposed weather-facing walls or fairfaced brick walls.

Walls (cement plaster, concrete or masonry) must be dry before painting and should not exceed a moisture content of 10% as measured with a Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter or equal. The ambient temperature must not be below 10ºC and not higher than 35ºC. Humidity must not be below 10% and not higher than 85%. · Do not apply to areas where ponding occurs. · Do not apply over expansion joints or bad cracks that might continue to move. · Do not apply where the waterproofing system is going to be covered.
CAUTION: The compound is nontoxic and non-flammable in the wet state. The dry film may be disposed of as low hazard.

Envirolite Fibreflex is a water based paint, which can be applied with a brush or roller. Excellent choice for high-rise buildings with a medium sheen finish.

* To view palettes, accurate colour samples and colour cards, visit Midas Paints Tygervalley

Surveymaster Moisture Meter BLD5365


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Envirolite Zero VOC Paint

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