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The Power of Partnering with your Supplier –  Development of Midas Skim

Our retail store recently faced a major stock issue that threatened one of our important product lines. We received short notice from a key supplier informing us that they had changed their route to market and would no longer be supplying us with this product line.

We started selling this product in partnership with a supplier when they approached us to find a route to market. We knew we had a sound distribution channel and rose to the challenge; we put down the capital for a full container load of stock, invested in marketing and customer promotions and with bucket loads of enthusiasm, extensive time and energy, we managed to get the product into the right hands and started seeing it gain traction. Then, out of the blue, we received a surprise email from the supplier notifying us that they were terminating the product line with immediate effect. This put us in an untenable position where we were rushed to find an alternative solution for our loyal customers.

We discussed the issue with Stephen Kliphuis from Permoseal who assured us of their full support. It felt like Stephen became part of our team as he took the time to familiarise himself with our business, understand our supply chain requirements and identify a bespoke solution that was tailored to our needs. Stephen worked quickly with Chemist Norman Singleton and their R&D team at Permoseal’s state of the art laboratory to develop the perfect product for us. The product was tricky to develop and required extensive collaboration with various raw material producers, but the Permoseal team developed an outstanding product that our customers love!

The new product is a one of a kind, ready-mixed interior and exterior skimming compound that does not require the use of a primer. In addition, the product is easy to use, light on the trowel, sandable and has a high degree of moisture resistance: providing the perfect finish – like Scandinavian skims.

This proves that Corporate’s who listen to their customers and remain flexible can capitalise on opportunities that benefit all parties involved. This customer-centric approach is a winning combination for both businesses and customers. Although Permoseal is one of the largest companies in the market, their care for customers is evident throughout the company.

Well done Permoseal and thank you for working with us.

“Midas Skim was developed by Permoseal for Midas Paints Tygervalley based on our unique requirements, Permoseals expertise and experience creating a one of a kind, ready-mixed interior and exterior skimming compound” Ryan Rack Midas Paints Tygervalley.

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