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Cape Grace Hotel painted by Midas Paints #paints #midaspaints

Cape Grace Hotel painted by Midas Paints

Cape Grace Hotel

WHAT WAS NEEDED: The exterior of the refurbished Cape Grace Hotel needed a finish that would wear well next to the sea and docks, be weather resistant and, like the interior, deliver an aesthetic that straddles the historic and contemporary.

Interior finishes needed to play to the idea of a layering of texture, creating a look that is both contemporary and reminiscent of the elegance and history of the old Cape. Aesthetically, the walls had to “pull the elements together” – and be low maintenance.

THE MIDAS SOLUTION: For the exterior, paint artist and colourist Tiziana Giardini custom mixed a warm, earthy shade of ochre in Midas Fresco.

This statement colour gives personality to the classic architecture in a way that is reminiscent of Huguenot flamboyance. ‘We used Midas Fresco Envirolite for practical and aesthetic reasons’ said Tiziana, who provided paint effects for the project.

‘Fresco is a robust, gritty coating that very efficiently conceals hairline cracks and will last well in all weather conditions at the coast. The ultra-matt graded texture softens the look, which gives the building elegance.

For the interior of the Cape Grace Hotel, Weixelbaumer Design commissioned Tiziana to recommend a restful, unobtrusive palette of textured colour. Said Tiziana ‘Kathi Weixelbaumer has a great eye for colour and it was a privilege to work alongside her, providing interpretations to her interior approach. It was an organic creative process. I took inspiration and from those I developed a customised paint colour palette for each room. I was given fabrics and other interior pieces as inspiration. It was an organic creative process. Nothing came straight out a tin. I used special pigments and made up my own recipes, using Midas 240 acrylics as a base and my own special tinted ageing glaze to take the edge off. This gave the walls a broken, lived in look that has a lot of movement.’

The use of a washable ageing glaze over Midas Envirolite 240 acrylic delivers durability. The worn, broken look creates a seamlessness between the walls and other interior elements, like washed timber and hand-painted fabrics.

FRESCO ENVIROLITE: A reduced VOC gritty exterior coating that does not streak or mottle, fills hairline cracks, conceals surface imperfections and endures harsh weather.

240 MIDALUX ENVIROLITE: A high quality, washable, Zero VOC acrylic topcoat, formulated to limit environmental impact. Better for air quality, Envirolite does not contain those raw materials in paint that are potentially harmful to human health. It is also free of Glycol, Formaldehyde and APEO.