Terraco Handycoat Exterior:(exterior skim)

Terraco Handycoat Exterior

Terraco Handycoat Exterior – Exterior ready-mixed thin coat filler.

Terraco Handycoat Exterior – Exterior ready-mixed thin coat filler.

A ready-to-use filler for use on all common building surfaces, specially manufactured for the painter to repair and touch up exterior surfaces, both new and old, prior to painting. It is designed as a thin coat filler, for filling joints, hairline cracks etc. by hand application. Unlike conventional fillers, Handycoat Exterior creates a crack resistant joint, is permanent and retains its adhesion.

Benefits of Terraco Handycoat Exterior: 

Handycoat Exterior

Handycoat Exterior (exterior skim)

Quick drying
Inherent flexible
Ready-mixed paste
Quick drying – can be overcoated in two hours
Low shrinkage
Vapour permeability
Higher adhesion
2-year shelf life
Weather resistant
Crack resistant
Less dust when sanding
No dust when wet sanding
Fast drying time
Environmentally friendly

Areas of use Handycoat Exterior:

Suitable for all types of old and new substrates.
Cementitious surfaces
Building boards
Spray plaster
Patching hairline cracks
Exposed concrete

Application of Handycoat Exterior:

Apply a thin layer for skimming applications
Quick drying – can be overcoated in 2 hours
Comes in Trade sizes 5kg & 25kg.

Technical Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet
Handycoat Exterior Flyer
Handycoat Brochure

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