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Technical Wall Paint


Steracon Technical Wall Paint by Midas Paints Tygervalley

Steracon Technical Wall Paint

Steracon Technical Wall Paint

Eco-wise paint system with ByotrolTM additive – repels bacteria, fungi and other microbes. Ideal for hospitals, abattoirs, wineries, breweries and food preparation areas.

  • Finish dependent on which Midas product you choose
  • Interiors only
  • Incorporates a primer, an intermediate coat & a finishing coat
  • Wineries, abbatoirs, cold storage facilities, dairies & hospitals
  • The application of this product is monitored by a third party
  • quality assurer
  • Lifespan dependent on product choice

Triplon Technical Wall Paint

Triplon Technical Wall Paint


Ultra low maintenance self cleaning exterior coating system with excellent anti-microbial properties. Two finishes – profiled, rounded stipple and smooth, low sheen.

  • Sheen
  • Exteriors only
  • A paint system, primer, intermediate and topcoat
  • Not available in deep colours
  • Especially suitable for coastal or high-rise buildings
  • Excellent flexibility, adhesion and bridging characteristics
  • Expected lifespan (15 years)

Envirolite Pristine Technical Wall Paint

Envirolite Pristine Technical Wall Paint

Envirolite Pristine Technical Wall Paint

Stain, acid-raid and dirt resistant acrylic for the CBD. Excellent coverage and UV resistance. Resistance against algae and fungus.

  • Medium sheen
  • Interiors & exteriors
  • Topcoat
  • All Midas 300 colours
  • Ideal for exteriors of buildings in the CBD or where there is high concentration of industrial air pollutants
  • Ideal for parapet walls which collect dust, bird droppings and fungal growth
  • Expected lifespan (7 years)


Envirolite Weathermaster CEA

Envirolite Weathermaster CEA

Envirolite Weathermaster CEA

Heavy duty texture – ultra durable, excellent weather proofing. Plaster / paint all in one substitute for low cost housing.

  • Low sheen
  • Exteriors only
  • Available in selected colour range
  • Water based, cement enhanced technology
  • Ideal for affordable cement block / brick housing
  • SABS rain penetration approved
  • Expected lifespan (7 years)
  • Technical Wall Paint

Masshomes 6

Acrylic with high hiding power – one coat application, can be used on low cost projects with or without a primer.

  • Matt
  • Interiors & exteriors
  • Finishing coat
  • Available in all colours
  • Water based