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Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint

Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint

Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint.


A two-component polyamide cured epoxy swimming pool paint.

Swimming Pool Paint Uses:

A high-performance two-component, swimming pool paint for use in fresh and salt water, in pools or fountains, new or old.

It adheres well to concrete, fiberglass, marbelite plaster, gunite, cement plaster, and surfaces which have been previously coated with solvent-based epoxy systems and provides a tough coating that is resistant to the normal abrasion of pool use and maintenance.

Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint is resistant to pool chemicals, salts, and dilute acids.

There is no need to prime existing surfaces.

Ensure that the pool painting guide is followed for preparation and application.

Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint

Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint Characteristics: 

Self-priming, it is applied directly to abrasive blast or mechanically cleaned concrete or fibreglass.

Excellent adhesion to a variety of Cementitious or fibreglass pool surfaces.

Good flexibility and water resistance.

Good cure at 10°C.

Improved resistance to exterior exposure – contains UV absorbers to increase resistance to chalking.

No induction time after mixing.



Application of Pool Paint:

The material is supplied in two containers as a kit.
Always mix a complete kit in the quantities supplied.
Once mixed the product should be used within the pot life specified
Stir the base component well with a flat-bottomed paddle or mechanical mixer until the product is uniform.
Continue stirring and add the entire contents of the activator container. Continue stirring until the mixture is homogeneous. Ensure that sufficient material is mixed so that the product can be applied to its usable life
This product is self-priming on the substrates listed above.
When applying to masonry surfaces it is advisable to thin the first coat up to 25% with SA65
Thinner to aid in “wetting” and penetrating of the surface. This product can be applied by Brush, Roller or Spray.
Roller application is preferred, follow spread rate recommendations.
Always apply two coats of pool paint.

Swimming Pool Paint Colours

Swimming Pool Paint Colours

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that all advice we give about the product is correct, the information given in this data-sheet is not intended to be exhaustive and any person using the product for any purpose other than that specifically recommended in this sheet without first obtaining written confirmation from us as to the suitability of the product for the intended purpose does so entirely at his own risk. As conditions of use, the method of application and suitability of the substrate prior to painting are beyond our control, no guarantee is implied by the recommendations contained herein. We, therefore, do not accept any liability whatsoever or howsoever arising from the performance of this product or for any loss or damage arising out of the use of this product. The information contained in this sheet is liable to modification from time to time in light of experience and ongoing product development programs. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that this sheet is current prior to using the product

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