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Protimeter Mini 2000 Digital Moisture Meter

Protimeter Mini 2000 Digital Moisture Meter


Protimeter Mini 2000 Digital Moisture Meter

Digital Moisture Meter: A general-purpose, low-cost, portable and precise pin type meter featuring both colour LED indication and a large digital display.
Major NB Users of the Mini Range: SABS, Plascon, Dulux, Mossgas, Container Services, M&R, Timber Co’s, Thesens, Portnet, AECI, Dekro, Mandalay Paints, Prominent Paints, Anglo Gold, Mondi, Safmarine, Iscor
The Mini 2000 Meter is a handheld, compact, general-purpose pin-type moisture meter used by building professionals and trades across the globe. The moisture meter is used for evaluating moisture conditions in buildings and can be used for making rapid moisture assessments in a wide range of building materials including wood, masonry, drywall, plaster and concrete; for quality control and dampness diagnosis applications.

The measuring pins are small and sharp which means surface measurements can be taken with virtually no mark left behind.



Protimeter Mini 2000 Digital Moisture Meter

Protimeter Mini 2000 Digital Moisture Meter

Mini 2000 Digital Moisture Meter

The Protimeter Mini 2000 Digital Moisture Meter fits snugly in the hand, so it can be used effortlessly for long periods, the display is very bright for visual clarity and switches off automatically after five minutes to conserve the battery life.

The Protimeter Mini instead uses a series of LED light indicators to show the following:
Dry – material has low levels of moisture (green on scale)
Borderline – material has medium levels of moisture (yellow/orange on scale)
Damp – material has high levels of moisture (red on scale)

A % value is also tied to each step in the scale so you can determine the level as a percentage. The meter shows the actual percent moisture content of wood (in % MC) and uses this scale to calculate the level of moisture in concrete, drywall and other building materials as a wood moisture equivalent (WME).

This moisture-meter is an outstanding choice for anyone who needs to measure moisture content including home inspectors, flooring contractors, termite pest control offices, wood product manufacturers and traders, cleaning and floor restoration professionals and woodworkers.

Measure Moisture In Walls
The Protimeter Mini moisture meter can measure the moisture content deep within a wall by utilisation of the optional deep wall probes regardless of the surface condition.
Can also be used as a salts detector.

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Protimeter Mini 2000 Digital Moisture Meter.

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