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Terraco Handycoat Flex:

Ready to use interior plasterer filler for jointing gypsum board.

Handycoat Flex is a multi-purpose, acrylic crack repair plaster filler, for interior and exterior use. It forms a water-resistant joint and a dust and damp-proof seal in situations too demanding for normal fillers.

Handycoat Flex

Handycoat Flex: Ready to use interior filler for jointing gypsum board

Benefits of Terraco Handycoat Flex: 

Handycoat Flex

Handycoat Flex

Weather resistant
Permanent flexibility (+ 15%)
Quick drying
Easy to apply
High adhesion to almost all building surfaces
Can be painted over after 24 hours
Environmentally friendly

Areas of use Terraco Handycoat Flex.

Between concrete elements.
Around doors and windows.
Behind skirting boards and architrave.
To repair cracks in plaster & concrete.
For gypsum wallboard joints.


Open up the crack into a “V” shape and prime the surface with Terraco P Primer. Apply a coat of Handycoat Flex & bring flush to the surface. Allow a drying time of 24 hours before applying the second coat to counter any shrinkage. Repaintable surface after 24 hours.

Clean all tools & equipment after use.

Terraco Handycoat® Interior

Terraco-Handycoat® Interior

Terraco Handycoat® Interior

Handycoat Interior

General purpose ready-mixed interior skimcoat  and jointing compound for levelling interior masonry and gypsum board surfaces

Terraco Handycoat® Exterior

Terraco-Handycoat® Exterior

Terraco Handycoat® Exterior

Handycoat Exterior

An exterior ready-mixed jointing and filling compound for cement fibre boards and masonry surfaces

Terraco Handycoat® EZ-Skim

Terraco-Handycoat® EZ-Skim

Terraco Handycoat® EZ-Skim

Handycoat EZ-Skim

Ready-mixed interior skimcoat for levelling interior masonry and gypsum board surfaces with enhanced skimming and sanding properties

Roofing and Waterproofing Institute RAWI
Green Building Council
Paintsmiths Group
Master Builders Association Boland
Master Builders and Allied Trades' Association, Western Cape