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Polka Dot Wall : creative inspiration

An earthy modern wall that uses textured Granite Paint on a super-smooth acrylic coated background, in perfect circles. When looked at from different angles, the wall has dimension and the contrasting texture plays with light in interesting ways. Our advice: get a big format printing company to make a stencil for you. Order peel-on-peel-off vinyl stencils from Sign Bomb Wall Art (021-447-6075) They deliver countrywide.

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2L Midas ENVIROLITE 220 ‘The Moat’ 4EGB
1L Earthcote Granite ‘Isikonkwane Blue’

Quantities dependent on surface area being painted. Quanties specified allow for approx. 8m2. Ask your Paint&Place store owner for guidance.

Coat your wall with 2 coats Midas ENVIROLITE 220.

Either hand draw circles or have a professional cut-out vinyl stencil made, for a quicker, slicker finish. If you do your own freehand circles, use a dinner plate, carefully measuring out the distance between them to ensure even spacing. Use a Hamilton’s ‘Perfection’ synthetic bristle brush, which makes it far easier to get clean, defined edges without spilling over the lines.

Apply two coats of Granite inside the polka dot ‘blanks’. If you are using a vinyl stencil, you should paint in one direction consistently, either top to bottom or left to right. Sticking to the same direction will give your finish a slicker, more even finish.When dry, peel off the vinyl stencils.