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Storm Wall : creative inspiration

Imperfect is the new perfect: a stormy, agitated look that can be achieved simply by working water over the first coat of Worn Leather once it has dried. A wet brush turns up the noise in this lime-rich paint. This look has a different feel in different colours. Adding a coat of wax as the final touch will soften the look – so if you like what you see after you’ve applied Worn Leather, you can opt to leave the wax coat off.


1 L Earthcote Worn Leather ‘Mountain Boot’
1 L Midas Envirolite 220 Femme Fatale 4FEG
1X 500ml Earthcote Wall Wax

Quantities dependent on surface area being painted. Quanties specified allow for approx. 8m2. Ask your Paint&Place store owner for guidance.

Start with 2 coats Earthcote Worn Leather, applied by brush. To accentuate the uneven ‘burn’ in the look, overcoat the Worn Leather wall, once dry, with a coat of Envirolite 220 in the same or similar grey, diluted 50/50 with water. (We used Envirolite Femme Fatale 4FEG.) Apply it with a sponge roller.

When you’re happy with how the look has developed, finish with one or two layers of Earthcote Wall Wax. Polish either by hand or with an orbital buffer, as you would a floor.