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Terraco Handycoat – The House of Scandinavian Finishing Materials

A leader in the formulation, design and production of environmentally friendly finishing materials, Terraco Handycoat prides itself on providing innovative, green solutions to the construction industry. Since its founding in 1980, Terraco uses carefully selected raw materials and production techniques, resulting in products that promote health, ensure comfort, improve energy efficiency and provides a sophisticated finish.


Ready-mixed (Plasterers Skim) surface preparation products used by professional plasterers and painters!

Terraco Handycoat products are highly versatile and are used by plasterers and painters for patching hairline cracks, repairing damage to plaster and paintwork, filling nail holes in woodwork, for making good around door and window architraves and for filling along the top of skirting boards – to name but a few popular usage areas. Terraco Handycoat products are easy to sand and are designed to reduce the amount of dust suspended in the air.

Follow the links below or click on the images for Product Specific information, preparation and Safet Data Sheets for Terraco Handycoat.

Terraco Handycoat® Interior

Terraco-Handycoat® Interior

Terraco Handycoat® Interior

Handycoat Interior

General purpose ready-mixed interior skimcoat  and jointing compound for levelling interior masonry and gypsum board surfaces

Terraco Handycoat® Exterior

Terraco-Handycoat® Exterior

Terraco Handycoat® Exterior

Handycoat Exterior

An exterior ready-mixed jointing and filling compound for cement fibre boards and masonry surfaces

Terraco Handycoat® EZ-Skim

Terraco-Handycoat® EZ-Skim

Terraco Handycoat® EZ-Skim

Handycoat EZ-Skim

Ready-mixed interior skimcoat for levelling interior masonry and gypsum board surfaces with enhanced skimming and sanding properties

Terraco Handycoat® Flex.


Terraco-Handycoat® Flex

Terraco Handycoat® Flex

Handycoat Flex

Handycoat Flex is a multi-purpose, acrylic crack repair filler, for interior and exterior use.

Handy Plus

TERRACO Handy Plus

TERRACO Antique Stucco

Terraco Fresco

Terraco Velvet-Tex

Handycoat Interior