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Envirolite Midalux 240 outside building shot

Envirolite Midalux 240

Envirolite Midalux 240 – Low Sheen Pure Acrylic Paint.

Midalux 240: Exterior & interior low sheen satin topcoat – stain-resistant, scrubbable and washable. Top-selling Midas acrylic paint.  Our Envirolite core range of water-based acrylic is graded by number – so sheen levels, washability and durability all increase up the scale.


Midas 240 Product Description:

Environmentally friendly, easy to apply, superior quality, Low Sheen Pure Acrylic Paint.
Envirolite Midalux 240 dries to a durable stain-resistant and washable finish.
Midalux 240 is ideal for use as both interior and exterior finishes. The product conforms to GBCSA environmental requirements and EU 2010 targets.

ENVIROLITE MIDALUX 240 Low Sheen Pure Acrylic Paint

ENVIROLITE MIDALUX 240 Low Sheen Pure Acrylic Paint


Benefits of Midalux 240 – Low Sheen Pure Acrylic Paint.

Interiors & exteriors
All Midas 300 colours
Stain-resistant & scrubbable
Superior wipeability & washability

Area of Use of Midas 240.

Interior And Exterior Surfaces.
Low Sheen Pure Acrylic Paint.
Used as a finishing coat on suitably primed new, or previously painted sand/cement plaster, concrete, fair-faced brickwork and gypsum plaster.
Also suitable for asbestos, fibre cement and high traffic areas (eg. walls in passages and walkways).
NOTE: Refer to the occupational health & safety act 1993 (ACT NO.85 of 1993) ASBESTOS REGULATIONS, 2001; for working with asbestos fibre products.

Application of Midalux 240 paint.

PLEASE NOTE: Correct preparation is essential. All surfaces must be sound and prepared in the recommended manner.
For more information on surface preparation contact Midas Paints Tygervalley Store.
After the correct surface preparation has been completed apply the necessary primer coat.
Then thoroughly stir and apply a minimum of 2 coats of Midalux 240 to prepared surfaces using a brush, roller or spray at the stipulated spread rates.
Allow to dry before over-coating.
IMPORTANT: Walls (cement plaster, concrete or masonry) must be dry before painting and should not exceed a moisture content of 10% as measured with a Midas Paints Tygervalley Moisture Meter or equal. The ambient temperature must not be below 10ºC and not higher than 35ºC.
Humidity must not be below 10% and not higher than 85%.
· Excessive application thickness and/or rapid drying could lead to mud cracking.
· Avoid applying under adverse weather conditions as this could result in poor product performance.
· Always keep a wet edge and avoid downing tools during the application process to prevent lap marks and variances in colour or texture. Work from corner to corner, or from a natural cut off point to another.

Do not attempt touch-ups, but redo complete panels.

Midalux 240 Low Sheen Pure Acrylic Paint
Envirolite Paint Low VOC MIDALUX 240

All Midas Paints at Midas Paints Tygervalley are rated by our Green Filter to give you a clear indication of the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other chemical content. We believe in being transparent and we want to give you healthier, more ethical choices.

Where can I buy Midalux 240 paint?


Where can I buy Midalux 240 paint in Cape Town?

Midas Tygervally Paint Shop Cape Town: 64-70 Edward Street, Tygervalley, Bo Oakdale, Cape Town, 7530.
Google Plus Code 4J8P+H2 Bellville, Cape Town
-33.883575, 18.635055
Call Midas Paints Tygervalley now 021 910 0134 for all your waterproofing, painting, DIY and decorating needs.

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