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Groote Kerk

Groote Kerk

Groote Kerk




MIDALUX 240 “Nice Brown”

240 MIDALUX “The Baxter”

225 MIDAFELT “Tackroom White”

MIDAS ENVIROLITE “Grecian White” (exterior)

WHAT WAS NEEDED: “The historic Groote Kerk in Adderley Street, Cape Town, underwent an extensive refurbishment in 2011. The building, which dates back to the year 1700 has a significant history and is recorded as the oldest church in South Africa still on its original premises.” Peter Jäck of Indawo

Painting and Waterproofing: “History will remain hidden if heritage buildings are not restored and protected from a harsh climate – and buildings that form part of our heritage demand extra care. Restoring historical buildings involves more than a coat of paint. Inspecting the surfaces of the structures is important to avoid painting over potential problem areas. All surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned and a suitable primer applied, where it is needed, before painting the final coat with a product that ensures sustained integrity of the walls’ outer layers.

The structure has been superbly maintained, testament to the owner’s respect for the church’s history.” Besides the need to preserve its historical legacy, the church is in constant use, so it was important to use fume-free products.

THE MIDAS SOLUTION: The ideal solution was provided by Midas Envirolite. These reduced VOC acrylics were used extensively inside and out, in broken whites and earthy neutrals. The Envirolite Zero VOC range has a palette of neutrals and naturals that was 100% appropriate to the context, honouring the historical integrity of features like the ornate pulpit resting on the shoulders of two lions, carved by the legendary sculptor, Anton Anreith.

It was also a significant  advantage to be working with a fume-free paint in a building that needs to maintain a sense of sanctity. Groote Kerk.

ENVIROLITE: A Zero VOC and reduced VOC range of water-based treatment products, preparation products, primers and topcoats, formulated to limit environmental impact. Better for air quality, Envirolite does not contain those raw materials in paint that are potentially harmful to human health. It is also free of Glycol, Formaldehyde and APEO.