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Midas Paints Tygervalley COVID-19 – Control and Infection Prevention. 

Midas Paints Tygervalley is open for business with reduced staff working and strict COVID-19 Protocols in place to minimize risk. We ask customers to call and email our sales staff first before visiting our shop and adhere to our strict COVID-19 Protocols.

We at Midas Paints Tygervalley have industry experience providing Technical Services for clients that require sterile environments, for example wine farms, restaurants and hospitals; by evaluating these areas and testing the levels of bacteria using our Biotrace Systems. We also provide a range of General and Technical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for various Industries. Combing our Technical experience with our Specialised Industry Equipment, range of PPE and Health and Safety Protocols Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic need to ensure we are protecting and minimising the risk of spread of the infection.

Safety products Used at Midas Paints Tygervalley Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Measures in Place: Sanitation, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)/Safety Wear, Social Distancing, No contact Delivery, Receiving and Sales, Technical Services, COVID-19 Symptom Screening.
Wear Masks
Frequently wash your hands with soap.
Avoid touching your face.
Practice good respiratory etiquette.
Avoid close contact with people who are sick and if sick stay at home.
Recognize personal risk factors

Hand Sanitiser.

We use a hand sanitiser that has a ethyl alcohol percentage of 70% to sanitise all our staff  during the course of the day we also use this product to wipe the sales counter surface and all other utensils used by our sales persons for example, pens, card machine computer key board this will be wiped after and before each client is assisted the hand sanitiser is also part of our inventory.

Hand Sanitiser Gel and Hands-Free Sanitiser Dispenser

All clients that enter our store must use of the Hands-Free Sanitiser Dispenser that consist of a paddle that you tap with your foot thus dispensing the Hand Sanitiser Gel hence minimise the risk of touching a spray bottle that has been touch by other multiple people.  Hands-Free Sanitiser Dispenser is perfect for places where a high density of people will traffic throw for example Grocery store, Schools, chemist, doctor’s offices both products is part of our inventory.

Steracon Decontamination System 

The Bytrol enriched solution that we specify before applying our Steracon System removes any microbes  the active ingredients Bytrol ensure long-lasting microbial control and for this reason we spray this product on all our products that we receive from our suppliers before we merchandise the items into our stock bays in our warehouse and store showroom this product is part of our inventory and clients can used this in their houses or businesses to do the same by mist spraying their surface a specially in showers, kitchen counter and decontaminating grocery items to ensure the products they have purchase from stores is microbes free.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)/Safety wear

Face Mask: All our staff members wear a face mask we stock and supply. It is a Disposable 3ply face mask that all the properties like easy breathing ability, high filtration capacity to ensure we are all protected best as possible.
Face Shields: we stock and supply Face Shields that protect their eyes,  180
Gloves: Ultra Thin Nitrile Examination gloves for their hands all three the above mention product is part of our inventory.

Midas Paints Tygervalley COVID-19 – Control and Infection Prevention. 

Recognising that the public health system will not be able to respond to every possible COVID-19 incident identified in the workplace, employers should have the following in place:

  • Adequately train (directly or indirectly) identified company personnel to perform daily workplace COVID-19 symptom screening.
  • Provide compulsory medical screening equipment
  • Provide prescribed personal protective equipment (PPE) to those assigned to perform the screening.
  • Midas Paints should keep record of all such screening, and should an employee show any positive symptoms related to COVID-19, then such an employee will be quarantined, and the
  • Department of Health Hotline 0800 029 999 immediately contacted.
  • Employees entering the office space/induction room will sanitize their hands upon entry to the office.
  • All employees will wear appropriate cloth face masks which must be washed regularly.
  • A space of 2m between employees will be maintained and if not possible Perspex screens to be used between people to accommodate closer working spaces.
  • Common areas will be sanitized at least in the morning, after lunch and on completion of the day’s work.
  • COVID-19 PPE Faceshield Masks

    COVID-19 PPE Faceshield Masks