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Midas Earthcote Envirolite Paint

Midas Earthcote Envirolite Paint.

Midas Earthcote has undertaken to reduce the effect that our coatings have on both indoor and outdoor air quality. We have done this by reducing the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content of our paint – now available to consumers as ENVIROLITE.


VOCs are those compounds that give off that fresh paint smell. The odour is caused by VOCs offgassing into the air, which can be irritating to the eyes, nose and throat and possibly harmful in other ways. VOCs contribute to poor air quality. ENVIROLITE helps you to choose paint with less – or Zero – VOCs.

Roofing and Waterproofing Institute RAWI
Green Building Council
Paintsmiths Group
Master Builders Association Boland
Master Builders and Allied Trades' Association, Western Cape