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The Language of Colour.

Ludwig’s 48th Spring Rose Festival

The Language of Colour. Ludwig’s Roses 48th Spring Rose Festival.

Ludwig's Roses 48th Spring Rose Festival
Ludwig's Roses 48th Spring Rose Festival
Ludwig's Roses 48th Spring Rose Festival
Ludwig's Roses 48th Spring Rose Festival

The Exhibition.

In the beginning, there was Light ( and then roses, and then paint…) We shine the light on COLOUR
by nature & man. We celebrate the spectrum of the human visual experience during a sensuous weekend at the LUDWIG’S LANGUAGE of COLOUR Festival.
We are delighted to turn Ludwig’s Rose Farm, north of Pretoria, into a labyrinth of colour & curiosities.
Over the weekend, Friday 4 – Sunday 6 October 2019, we exhibit 200 different color zones, MIDAS paints perfectly matched or mixed with roses – in a super modern, bold, display – showcasing the in-depth human relationship to colour.

What to Expect.

Friday opens the THE LANGUAGE OF COLOUR EXHIBITION to the public.
We explore all aspects of colour • in floral installations, the different rose bloom shapes, the different parts of the rose
• bold colour rooms
• colour pallets by Paintsmiths Paints
• colour phychology & therapy
• colour in interior & landscapespace
• interactive workshops by well known interior and paint specialists
• selfie backdrops galore.

Background & History

Ludwig’s Roses is the largest rose farm in Southern Africa, growing strong since 1971.
A million rose bushes in full bloom appear like an ocean of colour with an overwhelming fragrance, especially in October. This is the 48th Spring Rose Festival to be held at Ludwig’s Rose Farm. The Rose Shed, our farm venue, has showcased the festival of many different themes.
Themes have been: Yellow Submarine, Around the world in roses, with performances by Bles Bridges & Petricia Lewis. 2018 (literal) ‘Ludwig’s House of Roses’ 2017 Classic VW’s & Roses 2016 Rosé & Rose partnered with JC le Roux 2019 The Language of Colour 2020 Rose Sensorium.  




The Language of Colours exhibition will be hosted in the 1000m2  ‘The Rose Shed’

Ludwig’s Rose Farm, Pretoria

R80.00 per adult per ticket for the event 

R65 per pensioner

Children under 12 free

FREE Parking, Entrance to the farm, Children’s Play Ground & Tractor Train Rides