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May Waterproofing Special.

Alcolin Vinoseal White, Alcolin Vinoseal Aluminium, Alcolin Slurry Kit, Hamiltons Whitewash Brush, Viva Waterproofing Brush and Fill-one Painters Felt reduced for your waterproofing project.

May Waterproofing Special
Product Price Excl. VAT
Alcolin Vinoseal White 5Lt R446.66
Alcolin Vinoseal Aluminium 5Lt R446.66
Alcolin Slurry Kit 15kg R500.00
Painters Felt 1m x 3m R39.80
Whitewash Brush 180mm R32.67
Viva Waterproofing Brush 120mm R54.67


Prices Valid 1 – 31 May 2023

While Stocks Last

May Waterproofing Special.

Alcolin Vinoseal White, Alcolin Vinoseal Aluminium, Alcolin Slurry Kit, Hamiltons Whitewash Brush, Viva Waterproofing Brush and Fill-one Painters Felt reduced for your waterproofing project.

Alcolin Vinoseal White


Alcolin Vinoseal White and Aluminium Downloads

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Alcolin Vinoseal White and Aluminium 5Lt.

ALCOLIN VINOSEAL is a ready-to-use, liquid vinyl maintenance waterproof coating system, which dries to form a non-toxic, flexible, plastic film that is waterproof.

Available in aluminium and white.
Size 5 litre tins

Uses / Applications Alocolin Vinoseal
Durable, tough and UV resistant.
Resistant to fungal (mould) and bacterial growth.
Same-day waterproofing.
Can be applied when rain is imminent.
Can be used where water ponds e.g. flat roofs.
Adheres to a wide variety of building surfaces.

White ALCOLIN VINOSEAL can be tinted to make other colours by using universal tints.
ALCOLIN VINOSEAL is ideal for the maintenance and waterproofing of flat and pitched roofs, garden ponds,etc
When used with a membrane, ALCOLIN VINOSEAL will waterproof cracks and joints.
Good Adhesion.
Adheres to most building materials i.e. plaster, concrete. etc
Other Information
Must not be applied to damp surfaces or while it is raining.
Do not apply to fresh plaster or concrete, unless primed with a thin bitumen solution.
Plaster and concrete should be at least 1 year old.
Should not be over-painted with enamel paint.
Not suitable where there is a negative water pressure e.g. on the outside of a concrete water tank.
ALCOLIN VINOSEAL will yellow and discolour on UV-aged bitumen compounds but not negatively affect the performance of the product, apply to fresh bitumen instead.

Alcolin Slurry Kit

Alcolin Slurry Kit downloads

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Alcolin Slurry Kit​.

Alcolin Slurry Kit is an all-in-one cementitious-based waterproofing system. The slurry forms a flexible and highly water-resistant barrier that can be used as a primer between old and new cement. It can be used as a keying surface for screeding, tiling or finishing cement plasters – ideal for internal use like showers and external use like balconies.

Alcolin Slurry Kit has excellent adhesion to cement and concrete surfaces, porcelain tiles, mosaics, ceramic tiles, natural stone, marble, travertine, glass tiles, terrazzo, semi and vitrified tiles (providing that the requirements are met in the surface preparation).

Size 15kg bucket.

Uses / Applications:
Simple application process.
Provides a rough keying surface for improved adhesion.
Excellent adhesion onto old cementitious surfaces.
High water resistance.
Moisture barrier for certain applications.
Non-toxic alkaline base.

Please Note:

Do not apply externally when there is a risk of rain or frost within six hours after application
Not suitable as a final wearing.

Painter’s Felt Drop Sheets. 

Midas Paints Tygervalley’s heavy duty top quality non-slip Painter’s Felt Drop Sheets are made exclusively from recycled material, our drop sheets are heavy-duty super absorbent, waterproof, non-slip and made from Recycled Non-woven 180 gram/sqm fleece fabric with a transparent anti-slip PE film base.

Painters and Home Renovators need a number of supplies in order to get the job done, and a high-quality drop cloth is just as important to a painter as a paintbrush or can of our paint. Drop sheets are placed over the flooring, and furniture and are designed to protect from paint splashes and splatters. Drop cloths come in a number of different materials, but Recycled Non-woven fleece fabric and plastic are two of the most popular choices.


Hamiltons Viva Waterproofing Brush

Hamiltons Viva Waterproofing Brush.

Application: For bitumen-based and other high-viscosity waterproofing coatings. 

Features & Benefits of Hamiltons Viva Waterproofing Brush:

High volume of natural blonde bristle-blend, with high loading capacity. 

Effortlessly apply coatings onto roofs and other large surface areas.

Handle clip on which to rest the brush between applications.

Size: 120mm
Hamiltons Viva Waterproofing Brush si not suitable as a final wearing. 

Roofing and Waterproofing Institute RAWI
Green Building Council
Paintsmiths Group
Master Builders Association Boland
Master Builders and Allied Trades' Association, Western Cape