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Selecting the right paint brush and roller for your next paint job.

Paintsmiths Oval Brush

Paintsmiths Oval Brush

For applying roof paints onto tiles, corrugated, fibre-cement and IBR Sheeting.
• High density bristles
• Removable handle and clip, encased in rust-resistant ferrule
• Ideal for applying roof paints onto tiled, corrugated fibre-cement and IBR sheeting

• High volume, quality natural bristle blend
• High density of bristle ensuring high loading capacity and faster application rate
• Removable handle and clip, encased in a rust-resistant ferrule

SIZES: 140mm Roof Block Brush, 140mm Oval Brush, 150mm Oval Brush

Paintsmiths Superior Brush
Paintsmiths Fibreglass Brush

Paintsmiths Superior Brush

  • For solvent and water-based paints and wood treatments
  • Preferred brush for chalk paints
  • Synthetic bristle with ultra smooth finish.
  • High loading, tapered tip bristles
  • No bristle loss

Sizes: 25mm,38mm,50mm,75mm,100mm







Paintsmiths Fibreglass Brush

  • Natural blonde bristle-blend for applying paints, varnishes, glues and resins.
  • Natural soft blonde bristle blend for smooth, even finishes.
  • Also used to create paint techniques
  • Great durability and all-round functionality

Sizes: 25mm,38mm,50mm,75mm,100mm

Paintsmiths Gloss Roller
Paintsmiths Acrylic Roller 225mm

Paintsmiths Gloss Roller

For water and solvent-based enamel paints on smooth surfaces. Results in a superb and even professional finish

  • High quality natural wool blend
  • Short pile, resulting in less paint spatter on smooth surfaces

Virtually lint free.







Paintsmiths Acrylic Roller

Ideal for use with high viscosity water-based paints and plaster primers on rough surfaces

  • Long pile, high loading capacity with excellent coverage on rough surfaces
  • Preferred contractor’s roller due to its high performance and reliability.

Both rollers’ has a thermo-bonded core with roller fabric heat-fused to the core, ensuring high resistance to solvents and no unwinding.